June 17, 2019

Cultural Travel

For those of us who travel, experiencing the local culture of a place is what appeals most. As the European Summer rolls in, so does the festival season. There's pretty much a festival for whatever happens to be your passion - whether it's a Golden Retriever Dog festival in Scotland, Weekend Jazz Sessions in the park in Lisbon or the more famous cultural celebrations like Oktoberfest or the Tomatina Festival in Spain.

We also spend a bit of time with Josh Gibbs - who is currently on his 3rd art residency in China and gives us an insight in to what it's like to live amongst a different culture and get close to both the people and the architectural design and origins of a place.

June 3, 2019

Transformative Travel

Travelling is something that can take you on a journey and change your perceptions, beliefs and attitudes, of yourself and the world we live in. Many people start as one person and become another as they move from a high school or university graduate, and enter the wider world as an adult. 

As Travltalking returns for a second series we spend our first episode hearing from the travellers behind the Travltalk team and how their journeys took them from the airforce, a major record label, and from a young 19 year old clueless traveller to a group of people with the life skills and talents that allowed us to bootstrap and build the Travltalk brand and mobile application.

For our last Travltalking episode of the season we'll be hearing from Arianna, a Brit on a student exchange at the University of Adelaide. Hear what exchange life is like, her criteria for picking a place to study and her tips if you're interested in finding your University experience abroad.

We also hear from our photo journalist, Thom, recently back from The Vatican in Rome. Thom is a Doctor in his day job, but talks about his experience as one of our original Travltalk contributors over the last 2 months, covering places like Brussels, Bologna, Liverpool and Madrid.

A true traveller loves to get off the beaten track. In this episode we hear Rhiannon's account of being among the last to sneak in to the Buzludzha Monument - also know as the UFO - near Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria.

Yet a place doesn't have to be exotic to be alternative. We also hear from Jen Leonard who discovered a different side of Australia when she went to the Northern Territory - and somehow ended up in an edition of Boars and Babes magazine. 


Have you always dreamed of a trip Down Under, but wondered the key things you need to know? Like - can you go to Ramsay St. Does it really exist? And how can you do the Blue Mountains in a day and see all the best views?

In our first segment, we speak to Travltalk contributor Jo Brook, who is recently back from a trip to Australia and has also joined the Travltalk team as Operations Director. 

In the second half of our show, we hear from Justin de Kock, who is a South African living in London on a Dutch passport. If you are in a similar position, hear first hand what you need to know if you are on an EU passport in London and want to stay put. And we also find out what this means for Brits planning a longer stint in Europe...

April 7, 2019

Expat Life in Vietnam

Ever considered packing everything up and starting life afresh in a new foreign country?

Could you hack the culture shock and would you miss home?

Find out what it's really like when Rhiannon muses on her own experiences living in Poland and India.

Later in the show Rhiannon talks to Jon Aspin, who hails from Radelaide, Australia and has spent the last 8 years living as an ex pat in Vietnam. Listen to his take on the experience and decide if you might want to give it a go.

Ever wondered how you could get paid to travel? Well there's so many ways you can...

Find out from Gene, originally from LA, California who built and opened a hostel in Lake Ohrid, Macedonia, and a travel nanny from Australia, Ellyse who gets paid to go on luxury holidays around Europe on weekends with her family.

This Valentine's Day we are releasing a special Travltalking podcast episode to celebrate the solo traveller!

Who needs a date when you've got the world as a travel partner!?

We challenge the misconceptions about solo travel - that you'll get lonely, or it will cost more and also look at what makes the perfect travel buddy on the road.


February 11, 2019

Moving to London

How does it really stack up to move your life from New Zealand or Australia to London, as a professional? Is it easy, what do you need to know before you come and can anyone do it?

We hear from Shiv, who left his job at Deloitte behind to try his luck in London and shares his wisdom, as well as Bianca, who helps Aussie and Kiwi teachers transition in to London based roles.



January 31, 2019

Go Your Own Way

Welcome to Travltalking, hosted by Rhiannon Monks, the official podcast of Travltalk.

Each week we'll be exploring the different sides of alternative travel from those who have been there and lived to tell the tale. 

In our first episode we are joined by Hayley and Maddie, both travellers from Australia who are now living in London, but spend every opportunity they can jet-setting off to new destinations around Europe over the weekend.  

Hear how Maddie covered 17 countries and 27 flights in one year and what her tips are if you are looking to do the same.