This Valentine's Day we are releasing a special Travltalking podcast episode to celebrate the solo traveller!

Who needs a date when you've got the world as a travel partner!?

We challenge the misconceptions about solo travel - that you'll get lonely, or it will cost more and also look at what makes the perfect travel buddy on the road.


February 11, 2019

Moving to London

How does it really stack up to move your life from New Zealand or Australia to London, as a professional? Is it easy, what do you need to know before you come and can anyone do it?

We hear from Shiv, who left his job at Deloitte behind to try his luck in London and shares his wisdom, as well as Bianca, who helps Aussie and Kiwi teachers transition in to London based roles.



January 31, 2019

Go Your Own Way

Welcome to Travltalking, hosted by Rhiannon Monks, the official podcast of Travltalk.

Each week we'll be exploring the different sides of alternative travel from those who have been there and lived to tell the tale. 

In our first episode we are joined by Hayley and Maddie, both travellers from Australia who are now living in London, but spend every opportunity they can jet-setting off to new destinations around Europe over the weekend.  

Hear how Maddie covered 17 countries and 27 flights in one year and what her tips are if you are looking to do the same.